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DIY // Watermelon Nails

Fruit prints are all the rage right now, and there's no cuter way to incorporate the trend than to wear them on your nails! Our founder, Joyce, shows you how easy it is to do these uber adorable watermelon nails yourself ;) !


The things you'll need:

1. Topcoat

2. Basecoat

3. Nail Polish in Red (or pink), Green, Black and White

4. Dotting Tool (use a toothpick if you don't have a dotter!)

5. Nail File (Optional)


Start by first filing your nails into your preferred shape. Here, we form squared ovals (also known as squovals). This step is completely optional if your nails are of a consistant shape, of if you can't be bothered (we promise we won't judge!).

Next, prep your nails with a good basecoat. A basecoat protects your nails from being damaged by nail polish, and helps smoothen the application of the nail polish as well. We love this quick-drying one by Poshe!

We're using: Poshe Nail Strengthening Base Coat ($15)

Wait for the basecoat to dry, then apply a coat of red polish. This forms the base of the watermelon. Wait for the red layer to dry, then top it with a white border (almost like a super fat french tip).

We're using: Essie Snap Happy & Ozotic Mr Big White 

Once the white layer has dried, top that with a strip of green polish. Make sure to leave a thin white strip visible. We've now formed the rind!

Dip the dotting tool in black polish, and use it to make little seeds on the red watermelon base. Wait for it to dry, and top it off with a final top coat to seal everything in and to prevent chips.

We're using: Ozotic Mr Big Black & Poshe Top Coat ($11)

And viola! Your ridiculously cute watermelon nails are done! We hope this tutorial was easy to follow, we promise the end result is well worth your time ;) !

P.S - Add even more fruity fun with our Watermelon Fruit Clutch, Watermelon watches, and these upcoming Watermelon Mason Jars (pictured above)!