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5 Ways to Mix Patterns and Prints

Tired of playing with solid shades but terrified of patterns? Don’t worry, we got you.

Scroll on to find out how you can mix patterns and prints like a pro.

1. Keep colour in mind

Match similar tones or colour schemes together for an easy put-together look even if they’re in different prints. It also helps by pairing a monochrome print with a multi-coloured print.

By pairing colours in the same colour scheme, it’s easy to mix prints while still looking effortless. When in doubt, stick with two patterns.

2. Coordinate your look

Co-ord sets are a match made in heaven. Every closet needs these pieces. Besides looking cute together, these sets also provide a consistent, stylish appearance.

Plus, they are a quick solution for days when you don't know what to wear.

You're all set with these

3. Go with loud and subtle

Make bold prints work by toning them down with delicate ones. Florals are one of the most challenging prints to mix together. To blend in your outfit well, pair a multicoloured print with a print in a colour from the multicolored one.

For example, this periwinkle daises top would match well with a white gingham midi skirt. Both prints have a common white colour, which seamlessly blends the two looks together. Add a vibrant pop of colour with a cute bag.

4. Consider the new neutral

By now, you would have realized the versatility and potential of pattern mixing. Timeless and essential, prints prove their stylish quality through the times.

The key is to play around and find what works for you, whether it's gingham, checks, florals, or stripes. Use these prints to your advantage and style them as your new neutrals. These pieces are great for everyday and occasion dressing.

5. Experiment with outerwear

Perhaps you’re new to this whole pattern and print mixing thing. Well, outerwears are a great place to start.

Not feeling it? You can take off your outerwear and still look stylish. This soft puffy Marshmellow bag, which also has a little gingham print, completes this cool gingham outfit.

Get these off your check-list!

There you have it! It doesn't seem that scary to mix patterns and prints, does it? Thankfully, we don’t always have to go with solid shades for outfits.

Besides, patterns and prints add a whole lot of fun and personality to your outfit. Here’s your sign to try mixing patterns like a pro!

Cheers, TTR