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5 Brunch cafes you should visit next

If you love unwinding over the weekends, and catching up with pals over a cuppa coffee, we’ve got you covered.

Dine to your heart’s content while taking Instagram-able pictures at these spots. Check out these places for your next brunch date!

5 Ways to show your skin some love!

Whether you’re on cloud 9 or caught in a dump, your skin says it all. Here's 5 easy way to add a dollop of fun as you work on your skincare. Read on and get glowy!

5 Clothing care tips to maximize their shelf life

Let’s be honest. Sometimes what you need isn’t a wardrobe refresh but a fresh look at what you’ve already owned. 

Take a look at these tips to maximize the shelf life of your garments and better care for them so that they can keep you looking good for longer.

10 beach-ready outfits for a Changi Bay PCN day out

Pack your bags and get your SPF ready – we’re spending the day out at the beach!

Take a look at our picks to enjoy the sea breeze and take your mind off – even for just a little while.