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5 Tips to get in style with accessories

TTR x 3125 Afresh Special Feature

From gold chains to dainty earrings, there’s always a special something for everyone. The ‘it’ factor lies in finding the perfect pairing.

We totally understand how it feels when you look in the mirror and something just feels off or missing.. 

Read on for 5 styling tips when it comes to adding that extra bling to complete your outfit!

1. First things first, Gold or Silver?

Understanding your skin tone helps you steer clear of this dilemma once and for all. If you have green veins with yellow undertones, Gold is the way to go! As for the latter, Silver looks best when layered upon pink undertones with blue or purple veins. 

We recommend the Prehnite Earrings which come in both Gold & Silver, simply hold out your arm with your palm faced up to determine which suits your skin tone best!

Look 1 & 2: Prehnite heart earrings in Gold & Prehnite heart earrings in Silver

2. Mix & Match

Mix & match the pieces in your collection just like how you would in a game of puzzle. You’d eventually find the perfect match to go with your outfit!

Try layering a simple chain with a chunky or beaded necklace and instantly elevate your look. We suggest the Satellite Chain & Petite Daisy Earrings - what we would call the “Perfect Pairing”.

Look 3: Petite Daisy Earrings & Satellite Gold Chain

Look 3: Petite Daisy Earrings & Satellite Gold Chain

3. Play around with colors!

Consider adding a pop of lilac or a dash of green to exude your personal style and aura! For a start, we suggest picking the color of your accessory based on the color palette of your overall look. 

If you like to play safe, pair a colorful accessory to a base of neutrals and slowly venture into bolder color combinations. Feeling adventurous? A flashy necklace could be the cream of the crop when paired with a monotonous outfit!

Look 4: Garland Necklace

4. Try something new… be surprised!

Putting together an outfit is all about experimenting and having fun! Be bold and don’t hesitate the next time you second guess whether to jazz up in a bling you’ve never did.

If mixing up Gold & Silver pieces is a big no-go or you think you can't pull off layering… All we have to say is trial and error your way through, go for it! Our Adventures Garland Necklace makes a good statement piece when you’re in it to spice up your fit. 

There’s nothing to lose in opting for a new style, it might just mark the new beginning of your style journey!

5. Get rollin’ in basics

On days you yearn for a sense of comfort and familiarity, it can be uplifting to go back to basics. Your favorite pair of huggies, a simple necklace or popping on some rings might do the trick!  Pair any accessory with our Core Essentials and you’re basically ready to get up and about. There you go, comfort and style all in one.

The truth is basics never go out of style, which is probably why it seems like you can never get enough of em’. At the end of the day, finding your personal style is the most important. Don’t overthink it, trust yourself and enjoy the styling process!

Cheers, TTR