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Summer of love

A summer collection bloomed in dreamy colours and flowy silhouettes.  

Tap to see the dreamy looks.

5 Brunch cafes you should visit next

If you love unwinding over the weekends, and catching up with pals over a cuppa coffee, we’ve got you covered.

Dine to your heart’s content while taking Instagram-able pictures at these spots. Check out these places for your next brunch date!

Outfits you'll love based on your personality

Ever known your MBTI personality type? Here are some pieces we'd recommend based on the most popular personality types!

Fresh summer

Our New Classics collection brings you notes of fresh colours and sporty fun!

Read to see how you can style these fun shades in your spring-summer wardrobe, all year round.

April trendy report

In need of a wardrobe refresh? Take a look at what's trending this month.

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5 Ways to show your skin some love!

Whether you’re on cloud 9 or caught in a dump, your skin says it all. Here's 5 easy way to add a dollop of fun as you work on your skincare. Read on and get glowy!

TTR outfits to wear all week

We see you looking cute in your #TTRootd. Here's a sign to take some time and dress up for yourself – it's a free serotonin boost!

Spot yourself? Get inspired by these stylings for your outfits.

Cool contrast

The Cool Contrast Collection is all about getting down to details. Work em' solids with a tinge of colour blocking and contrast stitching.

Tap to see how you can style them crisp!

Find your perfect jeans

We’re all gonna need a good pair of jeans someday somehow. Pick the right fit and it’ll be the cherry on top, really! Here’s the ultimate guide to finding your perfect jeans, based on your body-type.

5 Clothing care tips to maximize their shelf life

Let’s be honest. Sometimes what you need isn’t a wardrobe refresh but a fresh look at what you’ve already owned. 

Take a look at these tips to maximize the shelf life of your garments and better care for them so that they can keep you looking good for longer.