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June Clothing Trends We Think You Might Love

Discover the pieces you’ve been waiting for in our latest collections in June.

Trend 01

Ruched dresses

These summer dresses feature elastics at the waist that are flattering on your figure without compromising on comfort.

Whether it’s for brunch or date nights, you name it, these versatile pieces have got your back.

Give these a go if you’re into easy one-pieces.

Trend 02

Pop of colour

Colours are reviving back in bright, bold, popping shades.

Don’t be shy to play around with colours and find what fits your unique personality.

Consider adding more bright shades to your wardrobe. It might be the energy boost your whole look is craving right now.

Trend 03

On the go

We're here to make your life easier (and more comfortable) with padded tops, functional pockets, and elastic waistbands.

These pieces are perfect for running errands, moving with ease, and keeping your daily necessities with you.

Cart them out now because we can’t wait to see them on you!

Tag us @thetinselrack in your new #TTRootd and win $20 store credits when we repost them on our feed.

Cheers, TTR